Efficient Heating Systems Save Energy Costs

It’s our mission to keep you gas safe and warm always. In addition, we can help you to run your gas central heating system as efficiently as possible, to save you money. Real Boiler Servicing and Maintenance Ltd. are delighted to be authorised suppliers and installers of the following market-leading products:
Smart Heating Controls

Smart Heating Controls

Smart heating controls are thermostats that not only connect to your mobile phone, but they can learn what temperatures you like and turn themselves down when you’re out. They save you energy (and therefore cost) while keeping you at optimum warmth when you need it, putting you in full control of your heating from anywhere. Smart thermostats avoid the need to heat the home when you’re not there, similarly providing hot water when you need it.

At Real Boiler Servicing, we supply smart thermostats from Honeywell and Nest; Contact us for specifications, pricing and other information.

Magnacleanse Flushing Solution

Magnacleanse Flushing Solution

The Adey Magnacleanse solution transforms traditional power-flushing practice. It speeds up the system flushing process and delivers effective results with ongoing central heating system protection.

• Removes virtually ALL suspended black iron oxide in one pass
• Reduces system flushing time to as little as two hours
• Remains heated within the system throughout the process, therefore more effective
• Saves water as disposal is at the end of the process only
• Provides effective, ongoing protection for the boiler for improved performance and efficiency

Contact us for full specifications, pricing and other information.

Magnaclean Magnetic Filters

Magnaclean Magnetic Filters

These compact, highly efficient magnetic filters remove up to 100% of suspended black iron oxide from your central heating system, to protect and restore them to optimal efficiency. They are fitted next to your boiler.

• 2 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee (T&Cs Apply)
• Compact Installation for Tight Spaces
• Rapid-Fit Connectors for Faster Servicing

Magnetic filters should be cleaned by a Real professional at your annual boiler service. Contact us for full specifications, pricing and other information.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

A carbon monoxide (CO) and smoke alarm seeks CO and fast-burning or smouldering fires. If you’re not at home it sends you a message relating to any problems found. Once it detects an issue, it sounds an alarm. It can be silenced via your mobile phone, so if you’ve just burned the toast you can silence it immediately, without the need for frantic tea towel waving.

Real supply CO detectors from Honeywell and Nest;Contact us for full specifications, pricing and other information.

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